Receptionist Job Interview

Receptionist Job Interview

If you attend a job fair, go prepared to do interviews. For either an onsite interview or one at a job fair, do these things ahead of time.

As for an interview for any job, you should spend time preparing for interviews for receptionist jobs.

1. Make sure you have plenty of copies of your resume and that it is up to date.

2. Plan to dress in business clothes to make a good impression for your interview.

3. Think about your reasons for wanting a job at the business or office and be prepared to tell the interviewer how you handled a difficult situation at your current job.

4. Know where you need to go for the interview, even if it means making a trip early to find the place.

5. Be on time or even a little early.

6. Be courteous to everyone. Remember that one of the most important characteristics of a good receptionist is friendliness.

7. Answer all the questions in a calm, clear voice.

8. If you are asked to take a skills test, do your best.

9. Ask questions you might have about the company.

10. A thank you note to the interviewer is always a nice touch.

Last Updated: 05/12/2014